Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cuckold Questions

Questions cuckolds ask me:
Does sucking a cock make me gay?
Thinking about cock 24/7, in your mouth, dripping with cum?
And when should a dirty cuckold whore tell others?
Last night, a cuckold whore and I decided that it was time for his girlfriend to know that he was not just a cuckold whore, but also a dirty panty stealing, dirty panty wearing, cock sucking cuckold whore.
Only problem was, my dirty cuckold whore is a bit shy about coming out of the cuckold closet.
After much back and forth between that dirty cuckold whore and myself, your loving cuckold queen indulged her cuckold whore and we called his unsuspecting cuckold girlfriend.
On her voicemail, at this cuckold queen's urging, my stuttering dirty cuckold whore confessed all the cuckold assignments he had completed, from daily dirty panty wearing to random cuckold cock sucking at book stores to getting his first dirty panty period.
God, I love being me.
Cuckold Assignments and Cuckold Phonesex:
1 888 684 2825
$2.50 per minute, charged to your credit card.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forced Bi Cock Suck and Fuck Phone Sex

The more men I fuck, the more I am convinced that EVERY man wants to suck a big black cock.
Some men are up front and honest about needing a big black cock to suck, while some men have are the forced bi cock sucking phonesex type.
As you all know, your phonesex cuckold queen has a big black cock obsession. I need big black cock at least once a day, but enjoy it so much more when it’s multiple big black cock fuckings.
Every time I am in a big titty cuckold three some with a white man and a big black cock, never fails, the big black cock comes out and the white man is on his knees, sucking that big black cock as enthusiastically as your phonesex cuckold queen sucks a big black cock.
And when I have you on your knees, black cock cuckold, all I need to do to force you to suck a big black cock, is whisper in your ear “Don’t you want to make your phonesex cuckold queen happy?”
And let the “forced bi cock sucking” commence.
Call Monica now!